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pinata design studio


Taking the traditional art of Pinata making and implementing our other skills as Engineers, Fine art sculptors, and graphic designers to create pieces that a much more than just a pinata!

Wishing everyone a happy Friday Eve 🤗 F

Yesenia Prieto, Founder

With a Background in Business and Logistics, Master Level 3rd Generation Piñata Maker, Designer, and Lead Project Manager 


Jose Prieto, Designer

With a Background in Fine Art Sculpture, and Engineering, Jose Prieto is the Lead in Logistical Foundations, and Blueprints for Builds

Such a great memory from a piñata work s

Nathalia Maria Prieto, Designer

With a Background in Mass Manufacturing Lead in Time Management, Execution and Quality Check for Projects

Meet our up and coming pinatera apprentice,  Mia. She puts so much love and patience into

Mia Baez, Creative Designer

With a background in Creative Design, Lead in Community Outreach

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