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Custom Order

Designer Pinata Promo Packages

Perfect for Placing Order on Large Quantities

for Branding, Social Media Marketing Promotions, Corporate Events, Themed Events

Match your Special Events Theme 

Custom Package Features to Choose From:

  • Custom Themed Pinata

  • Custom Themed Pinata Stick 

  • Custom Themed Confetti         

  • Candy Filling of Choice

  • Insertion of Your Promo Material 

(Ready in 2-4 Weeks)

Designer Look-a-like Pinatas 

These Custom Full Body Characters use our standard body type but have modifications on structure. Perfect for replicating Celebrity/Human Look a-likes or more detailed characters.


Premium Features:

  • Paper Mache Facial features

  • Custom Body Build 

  • Custom Clothing 

  • Custom Detailing

  • Our Original Pinata Puppet Style with Movable Limbs to Enhance Pinata Bashing  

  • 6 Compartments for Candy!

  • Paper Mache Facial features


4 Different sizes 

Mini 1ft              : 12 x 6 x 6
Small 2ft            : 27 X 12 X 6  
Large 3 ft           : 35 X 16 X 8
Extra Large 4ft  : 48 X 17 X 8


(Ready in 2-4 Weeks)

       Designer 2D Pinatas

Perfect for Logos, Brands, Corporate Events, and Social Media Marketing

Premium Features Include:

  • Custom Cut Silhouette 

  • Detailed Elements to Add Depth

  • High Res Image on Front and Back for logos

  • Your Pick of Custom Colored Fringe on Sides

4 Different sizes 

Mini 1ft              : 12 x 12 x 3
Small 2ft            : 24 X 24 X 4  
Large 3 ft           : 30 X 16 X 4
Extra Large 4ft  : 48 X 16 X 7

(Ready in 2-4 Weeks)

     Designer 3D Pinatas

For Replication of any kind of three dimensional Object in Pinata Form which can be used for special display, prop, or other commercial event use. 

Premium Features Include:

  • Custom Build  

  • Custom Function Options

  • Any Exact Shape and Size

  • Custom Details

  • Blue Prints Upon Request

  • Can be Made for Display or Hitting

(Ready in 2-4 Weeks)

            Designer Masks

Full Head Covering Masks. Perfect for Theater, Costumes, Music Video, or Commercials Productions. Can be made into human, animal, or any other characters form.

Premium Features Include:

  • Adjustable Construction Hat Strap

  • Custom Built Facial Features

  • Custom Hair Style to Match

  • Tinted Screen to Cover Seeing holes

(Ready in 2-4 Weeks)


Perfect for Window Displays, Experience Based Spaces, Festivals, or Themed Events needing more affordable large scale props 

Premium Features Include:

  • Large Scale Options 5ft+

  • Custom Build and function options

  • Custom bases available for display

  • Weather Resistant Material Option

  • Wooden framework options

(Ready in 3-6 Weeks)

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