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Welcome to La Piñata Design Studio

    Where the traditional art of piñata making meets innovative design. A family business led by Yesenia Prieto and her team of highly skilled Third-generation Piñata Makers, engineers, sculptors, artists, and designers.


By working together they push the boundaries of this precious craft. Whether it's custom piñatas, sculptures, masks, installations, or anything else you can dream up, thier unique approach and exceptional artistic skills bring your vision to life.


Let's think outside the box and bring a new level of creativity to the party!

About Us

Yesenia Prieto is the third generation piñata maker and visionary behind the Piñata Design Studio. She began pinata making in South Los Angeles with her family in hopes to introduce the medium as a recognized art form to help the family business grow.


Starting in the year 2012 she quickly harnessed her artistic skill and entrepreneurial spirit to now have managed larger than life installation projects for companies and museums such as LACMA, Microsoft, Google, and even celebrities such as international pop star Rihanna.


In addition to creating stunning piñatas and installations, Yesenia and the team at the Piñata Design Studio are dedicated to giving back to the community.


Through various workshops, the Piñata Design Studio share their love and knowledge of the craft of piñata making in hopes to inspire others to follow their dreams and do what they love for a living.

Join our creative family and see what we can create together!

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